Our Objective

Discover Lyon in a new light and navigate along the banks in the heart of an exceptional heritage.

Our team welcomes you to our nautical base in the heart of Parc des Berges, right across from the Musée des Confluences, for guided or independent routes along the Saône and Rhône rivers.

Our Canoe / Kayak Activities

Rent – Confluence

1 to 3 hours


Rent – The Relaxed Tour

8 Km, 2h to 2h30 of activity


Rent – The Endurance Tour 

12 Km, 3h to 3h30 of activity


Discovery Tour: Pont Koenig – Confluence

8 Km, 2h to 2h30 of activity


Our Stand Up Paddle / Yoga Paddle Activities

Rental Confluence – Stand Up Paddle

1 to 2 hours


Supervised Tour: Caluire – Confluence

7 Km, 1h to 2h00 of activity


Yoga Paddle



Groups / Companies

Are you an organizer of seminars/events, a manager of a camp/summer camp, or a witness of a future wedding and looking for an activity to propose? Lyon Canoë might just be the place for you!

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