Disclaimer – Lyon Canoë

Participants acknowledge having read the general conditions of the service below and certify that they comply with the conditions of individual participation:

  • Know how to swim 25 meters and immerse yourself
  • Wear the life jacket and closed shoes during the entire activity
  • Comply with the instructions given by the management team
  • Do not be under the influence of products likely to impair judgment or reduce physical capacities (drugs, alcohol, medication, etc.)
  • Understand the specifics of the recreational activities that put you in unusual conditions (isolation, climatic conditions, dip, cold, sun, etc.) Not have any medical contraindication to the practice of a physical activity
  • Have permission from parents (if a minor)
  • The participants undertake to respect these rules and to have them respected by the minors who may accompany them.


The service provider will provide navigation equipment for each participant: a boat, a life jacket, a paddle.

The participants will have clothing adapted to the practice and will wear shoes that fit on the foot.

In the case of services performed independently, participants are responsible for the equipment entrusted to them and undertake to take care of it. Participants undertake to reimburse the service provider for the amount of the repair or replacement value of the equipment in the event of breakage or breakage, loss, theft or equipment not returned. The service provider is not insured for the theft of boats and navigation equipment.

The amount of equipment charged in case of no return or breakage in normal use (navigation in calm water):

Canoe / Kayak …………………. 1000 €

Stand up Paddle ……………..…..1000 €

Paddle ……………………………. 100 €

Vest …………………………….…. 60 €

A – Supervised services:

Supervisors will give participants the technical basics of navigation, manual safety. The parties undertake to comply with safety instructions given by the supervisor in the case of supported services. Lyon Canoe remains the sole judge of the conditions favorable for navigation, and may, in its sole discretion, to cancel or reduce activity depending on hydrological and meteorological conditions (wind, storm, changes in river runoff, etc.). Depending on the conditions of navigation, the route can also be changed at the last moment. The service provider undertakes to respect the supervision standards (number of participants per supervisor, diplomas required …)

B – Autonomous services (without supervisor):

Participants will strictly respect the instructions given, in particular the following points:

Wear the mandatory vest throughout the activity on the water

Navigate along the banks, without exceeding a distance of more than 25m from the shore

Stay away from boats (cruise ships, barges, fishing …) and always give them passage and priority

Move away from bridge piles (risk of jamming, eddies, etc.)

Stay within the navigation area provided for in the service

Sail in a group preferably

For these autonomous services, participants are personally responsible for any breach of the river code and for bodily injury they may cause as a result of the boat for which they are responsible.

Safety & Navigation Instructions